Tips for Sellers

Preparing your home is an important part of the selling process. It's the moment you take yourself out of the home mentally and open it up to possibility for a potential buyer. This helps you to prepare for sale, and for moving into your own new home! These are just a few methods used to stage your home for sale. Your Virginia Capital REALTOR® will use their selling experience and expertise to make helpful suggestions for different changes to best showcase your home for potential buyers.


DE-CLUTTER - You’ll have to do it eventually, so consider it a pre-listing necessity! Pack up all family photos, extra furniture, extra children’s toys, and make some room in the house for a buyer to imagine themselves inside.

ROOM RE-VAMP - Show off the full potential of your home! If you’ve been using your smallest bedroom as a junk room, empty it out and re-purpose the space as a small office, library, or craft room. Try to define a purpose for the buyer so that they can imagine the different possibilities of the space.

KEEP IT NEUTRAL - We know your orange kitchen brings you joy, however it may be a turn-off for potential buyers. Stay softly in neutral territory. Beige is always a safe and popular choice, but you can play in earth tones as well. Grey is a newer neutral with a ton of options that can feel more modern.

LIGHTING - The right lighting can make a room pop. Make sure that spaces don’t appear too dark. Aim for 100 watts per 50 square feet of space.