Kenny Dunn


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About Kenny Dunn

Kenny is in the people business, he wears a REALTORĀ® nametag!! To him, that means you have to do the unexpected for people. If you do that, then business will create itself. After retiring from the auto industry which I was in for 25 years, Kenny still wanted to serve the public. He figured it was time to help people in the largest decision of their lives - purchasing a home. He is very active in many areas of social media to help his clients with exposure to their needs. "Whatever it takes!" is just one of his mottos. His favorite is "As long as the battery is working in my phone I am working for you. 24/7 and 365 days a year!!" He specializes in doing what it takes to make his client experience exceptional. He is a work in progress, which means he understands that our industry is ever changing and he has to change with it. He is always here to help you, personally or professionally. Just give him a call!